Our Little Village

The slow clay firing in the open fire, more than four centuries old technique of pottery handicraft which is unique both in our country and on the Balkans, has only been preserved in the village of Zlakusa.

Dozens of families in this small village near Uzice have carefully preserved  the pottery handicraft and they hand over from generation to generation many centuries old knowledge about the earthenware manufacturing – vessels, pots and many others, from the natural clay and calcite . The food prepared in these has an exquisite taste and  aroma. But the pottery itself should not be the only reason to visit Zlakusa. This picturesque place, that so carefully looks after its tradition, also has an extraordinary soul.

As the seasons swing along, like the images in the kaleidoscope, so does the landscape, and the lavish nature and generous people selflessly offer gifts: meadows, aromatic plants, forests of strawberries and mushrooms, orchards of various fruit, and diligent hosts their first rate honey, the traditional brandy from Uzice called “rakija”,fruit preserves, cheese, milk cream, smoked ham…